Collaborative Divorce

Divorce with Dignity. The collaborative process is a new way to divorce with dignity outside the court room. Clients are guided through the collaborative divorce process by an experienced team of two trained collaborative attorneys, a neutral mental health professional and a neutral financial professional. Agreeing to a collaborative divorce is voluntary, but there are a many benefits to the process, including confidentiality, transparency, flexibility, lower cost, preservation of family relationships, protection of the children, client control of the outcome and creative solutions to family issues.

A Better Divorce Alternative. A collaborative divorce is a better alternative than litigation because the parties can be cooperative rather than adversarial. The collaborative team meets with clients in an informal private setting to share information and resolve their dispute amicably. The team helps clients uncover their true goals and interests, learn better communication skills and negotiate a win-win settlement agreement that meets both parties’ needs. A collaborative divorce is a cost–effective alternative to litigation. Moreover, the collaborative process preserves family relationships so they are able to co-parent more effectively following divorce. A collaborative divorce is good for children because they are insulated from the entire divorce and their parents are able to cooperate and co-parent effectively after the divorce.


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“Taking the Fight Out of Divorce”

“Taking the Fight Out of Divorce,” a feature article from the San Antonio Express-News interviewing Kim and Harry Munsinger about collaborative divorce.


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About Collaborative Law—Start to Finish

Collaborative Law—Start to Finish, a book edited by Kim Munsinger, was designed to instruct practitioners and law students on how to practice collaborative law.  Although this book was written to teach, clients who want to know a lot more about the collaborative process have read this book.  Neither the authors nor the editor receive any compensation from sales of this book.  To purchase a copy, please call TexasBarBooks at (800) 204-2222 ext. 1411 or (512) 427-1411 in Austin.

collaborative divorce

“What Is Collaborative Law?”  A sample chapter with an overview of the collaborative process “Collaborative Family Law?  A new book shows you how.”  An interview with editor Kim Munsinger that appeared in the Texas Bar Journal 

“Collaborative Divorce: A Safe Place”

“Collaborative Divorce:  A Safe Place” is a 20-minute video that follows an actual couple as they go through a collaborative divorce.  This video is from the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.


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